Vile Twitter Troll who Projected Hate of Katie Price’s son Unmasked

The twitter troll who sent hateful and abusive messages aimed at Katie Prices disabled and autistic son Harvey has been unmasked.

Mark Williams, 30, was revealed as the troll who sent the messages of hate at the youngster while hiding behind the anonymity of Twitter.

After being exposed Williams apologised for his actions claiming he never thought Katie Price, would read the tweets.

In one tweet he describes Harvey as a “c***” and that he hoped he choked while eating sweets.

Williams trolling was not limited to Katie Price’s son.  He sent vitriolic tweets to Cheryl Cole and Taylor Swift, and he supported footballer Adam Johnson who was jailed for sexual activity with a child.

Some of his tweets expressed his wish that some celebrities would contract cancer, Muslims should go to hell, and he asked if it was possible to hang gays.

He apologised to Katie Price after his identity was uncovered saying sorry if he upset Harvey.


Harvey is the son of Katie Price and Dwight York, ex – footballer.  He has a number of health problems including septo – optic dysplasia so he cannot see clearly, and it affects his growth.  His mother is fiercely protective of him.

Katie Price has four other children, Junior aged 11, Princess aged 9, with ex – husband Peter Andre.  She also has Jett aged 3 and Bunny 2 with her current husband Kieran Hayler.

She has said that she will always be grateful to mothers of other disabled children for pointing out that Harvey was displaying signs of suffering with insulin – processing disorder diabetes.

Defending his step-brother, Junior, said in a video on Instagram, “I cannot believe this guy has made disgusting comments about my brother. Do you know how heartbreaking it is?  Imagine your brother or sister is paralysed… Would you make these comments? It’s just really hard because I love Harvey so much.

“Everyone who knows Harvey knows he’s such an innocent and loving boy.  (The troll) has the guts to say things on social media but I bet he doesn’t have the guts to apologise.”

Williams is thought to have deleted 3000 tweets since his unmasking.