Teenager Formally Charged with Murder of Seven Year Old Girl

A fifteen year old girl has been formally charged with killing a seven year old child.

According to police seven year old Katie Rough was found in the Woodthorpe area of York, stabbed twice.  She suffered injuries to the neck.

The fifteen year old girl is to appear at York Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday morning.  As well as murder she will be charged with owning an offensive weapon.

Eye witness accounts say that Alison Rough, the child’s mother was distraught and pleading for help after the incident.

Rob McCartney, 50, said he saw the child lying on the ground and the mother screaming for help.

He said, “I spoke to her later, asked if she was OK and she said ‘No, no, she’s my little girl’.”

Tracey Ralph, the head teacher at Katie’s school said, “Katie was a kind and thoughtful child who was well liked by both pupils and staff.

“She was hard working and showed a particular talent for creative writing.

“Her death is a terrible loss which has deeply saddened our school community and we send our profound sympathies to her family.”

The crime has shocked the city of York.  The playing fields where Katie was found are often used by children and dog walkers.

On Tuesday, the area was cordoned off as the police carried out their investigations.  Mourners arrived with flowers to pay their respects.  Her grandparents laid a bouquet with a card which read, “Night, night my darling princess Katie, love Nana and Grandad.”

Police have appealed for anyone who may have seen the two girls together.  Police vans are currently parked outside the family home with officers seen carrying equipment into the house.

A police spokesman said, “Katie’s family are devastated by this tragic event and have asked for their privacy to be respected at this extremely distressing time.”