Francois Hollande Pardons Woman Who Killed Her Husband

French President Francois Hollande has pardoned Jacqueline Sauvage, an elderly French woman in her sixties for killing her husband back in 2012, and this has served as the second time Mr. Hollande has intervened in the case.

Sauvage has endured decades of physical and emotional abuse, and due to that, campaigns were launched for her case in which citizens urged her release by the courts.

Mr. Hollande had issued a temporary pardon for her in January, but as of now the courts refused to approve of the applications for Sauvage’s release from the Reau prison, situated in the south-eastern region of Paris.

Sauvage has served as of now 10 years in prison, and has reached the age of 69.

A Tweet of Hope

The president tweeted his decision on the matter in which it read that he has finally made the decision on granting a full pardon for Sauvage, which will immediately put an end to the rest of the sentence she had been given starting from now.

In another statement by Mr. Hollande, he said that Sauvage’s proper place now should be with her family members, not behind bars anymore.

After these statements, Sauvage had been released from the Reau prison, in which her three daughters had joined alongside her during her departure from the prison.

From Bars to Joy

Those who had participated in the campaign for her release were overwhelmed with delight and happiness upon hearing of the full pardon.

However, the head of the French union, Virginie Duval criticized this approach by Mr. Hollande and stated that he had only done this move in order to gain public approval and validation.

Duval added that when the courts had rejected the appeal for Sauvage’s release twice, they were actually abiding by the law. Sauvage had apparently shot and killed her husband Norbert Marot due to claims of continuous physical abuse by him, and once her son had committed suicide, she killed Norbert the next day.

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