Four Dead Bodies Found By Police InTexas Home, Nine Year Old Is Only Survivor

One Teenage Girl Among The 4 People Dead

On Sunday afternoon, police officials and authorities of North Texas entered a home to find the dead bodies of 4 people. Among the dead found inside the house was a teenage girl. Luis Soler, who is the Police Chief of Crowley, said that they discovered the bodies after a boy, aged 9, called a relative and said that a man was lying prone inside the house after attempting to kill himself. The boy was not harmed, though he was inside the house. The relative called 911, and the police responded immediately.

YoungBoy In Protective Custody

By thetime the police arrived, all the 4 people inside the house were dead. After entering the home, they also found the boy. The boy was unhurt, and has been sent to protective custody where he is being questioned about the deaths.  There is no information on the identities of the victims or any information on how they died. It is only known that there are signs of trauma on the bodies of the victims. Moreover, police also said that the victims were members ofthe same family, though their relation to each other is not clear.

Community Shocked By Violent Deaths

According to Luis Soler, there is no danger whatsoever to the general public. He also said that the deaths were the handiwork of an insider, as there were no signs of forced entry and no other victims as well. However, he said that the shocking deaths have shaken the community of around 14,000 situated around 15 miles south of Fort Wort. “We don’t know exactly what happened out there,” and the deaths will have “a huge impact in this tight-knit community,” was all that he could say.

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