Explosion in Mogadishu Marketplace Kills 20

A car bomb in the capital of Somalia killed 20 people, and injuring 50 more, inside a popular marketplace, according to local Somali officials.

The explosion due to a bomb placed in a car parked beside a restaurant blew up during a time when traders and shoppers alike are at the highest during the busy hour of the day, district commissioner Ahmed Abdulle.

Series of Events

Mohamed Haji, local butcher who got wounds due to the blast, pointed to one of the clothes shops damaged by the explosion, said “Someone had parked the car here and left before it was detonated.” Sheets of metal and wood was all that was left of the small shop

Women cried and wailed outside of the market after rescue workers proceeded to move bodies and injured victims into emergency vehicles.

“It’s a painful carnage.” Ali Mire, a soldier from the government who had been helping one of his friends with his shrapnel wounds said.

Response to Newly Elected President

The powerful blast had been the first serious attack since the election of the nation’s new president on February 8 of this year.

Although no one has claimed responsibility for the attack yet, it resembles the signature of Somalia’s largest extremist rebel group, al-Shabab

President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed posted on Twitter condemning the blast, and said that this incident portrays the absolute “cruelty” of the extremist al-Shabab organization.

Only ours before the event, al-Shabab made a statement denouncing the newly elected president as an “apostate”, vowing to pursue their fight against the government he runs.

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