Britain’s “First Gay Dads” Plan to Have Triplets Using Illegal Method

The first gay couple in Britain have stated they plan to have triplet daughters through a process that is illegal within the UK, which is that of a sex-selection procedure.


The announcement has caused an uproar amongst citizens. The couple Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow have stated that they want to travel to the United States to perform an embryo sex selection procedure, where it is legally permitted, so as to add the triplets to the current four sons and one daughter that they already have.

The couple’s youngest children, six-year-old twins Jasper and Dallas, were conceived thanks to a batch of embryos, of which there are still ten remaining in a Californian fertility clinic.

The woman who’s sperm and eggs were selected was that of a Brazilian models, apparently who they witnessed on a catwalk once. She was paid an estimate of £50,000 to comply with the couple’s proposal. Barrie stated that the embryos will be inserted into a replacement mother for the procedure to go forwards.

A spokeswoman who represents the Christian Concern expressed her immense disapproval about this entire matter and stated “This is baby trafficking, a skewing of the natural order,” and went on to add that “Children are a blessing and a gift, not objects that we select from a showroom.”

Regarding the levels of safety for the sex-selection process, especially for a case of triplets, a blogger and nurse, Lisa Ann Magerman mentioned that “Sex selection signals they care more about balanced numbers than four lives.”

But not all observers are against the practice of sex selection. In a report into the ethics of gender preference, Stephen Wilkinson, a professor of bioethics at Lancaster, said: “We didn’t find any ethical arguments sufficient to justify a blanket ban on these people seeking sex selection.”


The gay couple became fathers back in 1999 through the procedure of using a replacement mother.

There has been much speculation regarding their current plan though about whether or not their age permits for them to start raising three more children. “I need to have another princess in my life – or two or three,” Barrie said about the matter.

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