US wind energy employs over 100,000

Going by the most recent data released by AWEA (the American Wind Energy Association), the United States wind energy industry created new jobs at least 900% faster than the total U.S. market in the previous year.

The main results obtained from the agency’s yearly Wind Industry Market Report for 2016, released on Wednesday the 19th of April, shows that overall, over 100,000 persons are now under the employ of the industry.

In addition, the total figure of employees managing the wind turbines will increase by over 100 percent between 2014 to 2024 – by the country’s Bureau of Labor Statistics’ projections.

AWEA’s CEO, Tom Kiernan said: “After another year of strong, stable increase, wind powers the U.S. economy more and more, adding together almost 15,000 positions in the immediate year and causing total wind industry pay figure to more than 100,000 jobs all over the fifty states.”

“By constructing the latest wind turbines we are empowering the country and remote America. Also in the previous year, wind energy was America’s top supply of renewable generating power, supplementing and promoting United States’ power security” he concluded.

In addition, the statement highlighted the gains that America’s Upper-Midwest is making from wind energy sector.

Wind power produces 26% of Dakota, Iowa, and the Minnesota’s total energy output, supporting more than 18,000 job openings and creating 28 billion dollars in non-government ventures into the area.

The AWEA confirmed that on the whole, over 8 gigawatts (GW) of recent wind production was created in the United States in the previous year, indicating about 14 billion dollars in wind-related investments.

The sum-total of U.S. wind capacity is now standing at 82.14 GW, a very adequate amount to power up about 24 million residences.

Navigant Consulting predicts that the wind energy sector will generate $85 billion in economy-related activity from 2017 to 2020.

The AWEA boss has this to say: “greater, improved expertise allows the latest wind turbines to produce 50 per cent additional electrical energy than those constructed within 2009, as well as at 66 per cent lesser expenditure.”

“Through a steady strategy in position, we’re on course to consistently provide 10 per cent of U.S. electrical energy in three years time” He further added.