Trump To Outweigh Kim Jong-un with Proposal To China

A country holding nuclear capabilities and frozen diplomatic relations with the United States of America, is a reality in North Korea.

The isolated nation has cut off ties with all countries on the international level besides of Russia and China.

Though, only Beijing has limited direct influence on the north east Asian country.

Pyongyang sees the U.S.  and its Allies as in existential threat and concentrate all their resources on nuclear advancements, in preparation for any preemptive strike.

A risky way to take

The new head of oval office, Mr.Donald Trump, wants to take an alternative approach than his predecessors in an attempt to put end to the violent behavior of north Korean.

He intends to outweigh the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, with a business proposal to the regional giant and ally China.

Analysts across the globe warn the new American president from unilaterally advancing in this matter urging him to take action in consensus with other world powers.

Absolute lonely power

Kim Jong-un is a young leader that ascended to power after the death of his father in 2011 and is proving to be a neophyte that is happy to constantly provoke the global hegemonic power.

Conducting far reaching ballistic missile tests, knowing that he is in possession of nuclear weapons, is theoretically an act of aggression against concerned powers.

The supreme chief of Pyongyang governs in absolute seclusion from the international community besides of China, which tends to foster him economically and represents his interests across the globe.

Mr. Trump, according to academics and intelligence agents, does not comprehend the dimensions of his intention and the implications that could result from failing to involve North Korea’s neighbors in the process.

Japan and South Korea, in this case, will be at risk of a nuclear threat that might or might not lead to the third world war.

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