Thousands Falsely Claim They Were At Manchester Concert To Get Free Tickets To One Benefit Love Concert

According to Ticketmaster, thousands have falsely claimed they were at the scene of the attack at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester just to get free tickets.

The False Claims

Over 10,000 people have made false claims about being at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester just to get free tickets for the benefit concert, One Love, which will be taking place on Sunday.

Ticketmaster has made an offer to give away free tickets to fans who were at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester. They said that thousands of “opportunists or touts” were abusing this offer. They said there were 25,000 applicants when there were only 14,200 people at Ariana’s Manchester concert.

“More than 25,000 people applied for them. Sadly, over 10,000 unscrupulous applications have been made,” they said.

“At Ticketmaster we are doing everything we can – including extending today’s deadline – to ensure that tickets go to the actual fans and not the opportunists or touts who have also been applying for free tickets.”

Ticketmaster has also put up a further 35,000 tickets online for sale on Thursday- which were all sold in under 20 minutes. However, some of those tickets have shown up on eBay for up to five times the price. Fans have expressed their disdain, saying that it was “absolutely sickening” that some are attempting to cash in at a sensitive time like this. Ebay has confirmed that it will be removing those ticket re-sales as fast as possible.

“All tickets for this event will most certainly be removed by the team who are doing manual sweeps to pick up any that slip through.

“We also aren’t allowing the sale of any item which profits in any way from the tragedy in Manchester. All of these items are being removed if they appear, and the sellers’ accounts will be restricted.”

About the Concert

This One Love concert is expecting to raise around £2 million, which will all be used to help those directed affected by the Manchester attack. The stars expected at the concert include Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Little Mix, Robbie Williams, , Katy Perry, Take That and Miley Cyrus.

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