London And Gas Dealer, Justice Haddon-Cave, Ordered To Pay A Sum Of 453 Million Pound Sterling To Spouse

A previous London oil and gas dealer has been requested to pay his spouse £453m; the greatest award ever given in Britain’s history by a separation court judge.

Mr.Justice Haddon-Cave made the decision on Thursday after a private hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in London.

He eventually settled that the wife ought to get a 41.5% share of a fortune worth of £1bn.


The husband, 61, has Caucasus origins and had filled in as a London oil and gas trader before building a fortune in the Russian energy business. The woman originates from Eastern Europe but acquired the British nationality since 2000.

The judge said the lady was a housewife and mother to their children at their home located in Surrey.

Located at law firm Forsters, Rosie Schumm, said: “This big-money divorce settlement represents yet another example of the English courts’ unparalleled generosity towards the financially weaker spouse,”


“This generosity is rooted in the fundamental principle that breadwinners’ and homemakers’ respective contributions to a marriage are of equal importance. With this in mind, London remains to be seen as the divorce capital of the world. For high net worth international couples the financial consequences of divorcing in this jurisdiction are so significant.

“Whether or not this settlement was indeed the biggest ever, as has been reported, is impossible to say. This is partly because an increasing number of high net worth couples electing for private divorce and arbitration where the proceedings and the details of the final settlement are kept entirely confidential.”

Based at Seddons law firm, Deborah Jeff, commented: “This was a long marriage of 20 years, meaning the starting point for a settlement is equal sharing of assets.

“There has been a slight departure from equality in this case, most probably to reflect either what the husband had brought into the marriage or to recognise his exceptional contribution as an individual with a spark of genius.

“However, that’s a high hurdle to clear and the ‘exceptional contribution’ argument is rarely accepted.

“Today’s judgment reinforces that as ever, London remains the place to divorce for the less wealthy spouse, where their perhaps, non-financial contribution is rewarded with the biggest dividend.”

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