Derailed: The Girl on the Train receives poor reviews

It one of the most anticipated movies of the year. But, it seems the film adaption of Paula Hawkins’ The Girl on the Train has failed to live up to expectations.

Critics have panned The Girl on theTrain ahead of the release of the film adaption of the best-selling novels.

The movie follows alcoholic Rachel, played by British actress Emily Blunt, as she tries to unravel the mystery of a missing woman she had been watching out of the train window on her daily commute.

But even though the book has made former financial journalist Hawkins an estimated $10m fortune, it has met with mixed reactions from critics.

The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw says while Blunt does her best, The Girl on the Train does not give her “half the juice and outrageous fun that Rosamund Pike had from Gone Girl”.

Meanwhile The Telegraph’s Tim Robey says that moving the action from London to New York has given the plot too much gloss. It is, he says “as if the book has been given a full-body massage en route to the screen, teasing away some of the spinal kinks that actually made it interesting”.

Brian Viner for the Daily Mail is even more scathing, saying: “By the time The Girl on the Train eventually gets to its destination, you wish either that it had taken a different route or that you hadn’t bothered to go along for the ride.”

Hollywood Reporter’s Todd McCarthy isn’t keen either, describing the two male leads as “humourless, ornery, sexually presumptuous and incapable of saying an interesting word about anything” and the women as not much better.

Vanity Fair says it falls short of 2014’s Gone Girl. Critic Richard Lawson says: “None of The Girl on the Train has the vulpine, probing kick of its predecessor. It’s a Skinny-Girl cocktail to Gone Girl’s potent real thing.”

Despite poor reviews, The Girl on the Train is still expected to take more than $20m at the box office. Based on Hawkins’ debut novel, the movie rights were snapped up before the book hit the shelves in January 2015.

Hawkins has said in an earlier interview that she is happy with the finished movie. She said: “It’s a shocking film in parts, really frightening. It’s an odd thing, because I actually know what’s happening, but it felt really fresh to me.”

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