Climate Change Summit Canceled Prior to Trump’s Inauguration

An important summit regarding climate change was cancelled just a few weeks before U.S. President Donald Trump had begun his term last Friday.

The summit was cancelled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The center had brusquely and informally sent out several emails within the first and second weeks of the month of January in order to cancel the summit.

A former director for the CDC stated that move perhaps could have been as a result from external political pressure that was imposed on the agency.

Meanwhile another expert regarding climate change has regarded this move serving as a form of ‘self-sabotage.”

Just a Hoax

President Donald Trump has openly stated throughout his campaign and afterwards that climate change is nothing but a myth and a hoax.

More specifically, Trump has apparently referred to the entire matter as nothing more but a “bunch of bunk.”

As soon as Trump’s inauguration had begun last Friday, several people, specifically scientists and researchers were extremely troubled after noticing that the webpage of the White House had completely removed the content regarding global warming.

Instead, another topic had taken its place which was called ‘America First Energy Plan.’

Not a Winnable Battle

A former director for the CDC throughout the years of 1994 until 2004 stated that at this moment the battle against climate change does not seem to be “an immediately winnable battle.”

Howard Frumkin, an ex-director for the agency as well said that the moment Donald Trump had won the U.S. presidency, he didn’t even bother or find it necessary to purchase a plane ticket in order to attend the meeting anyhow.

The summit had been scheduled to last for two days as of February 14th within Atlanta.

A spokesman for the CDC has stated that they are currently planning for a rescheduling for the conference as it had taken several months to plan out the last one that was then cancelled.

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