Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bars are being made in POLAND despite promises to keep production in Britain

Some production of the iconic Dairy Milk chocolate bars have moved to Poland, despite a promise from the firm’s American owner, it has emerged. Mondelez, which was created by the Kraft company, is manufacturing its big 300g bars of Dairy Milk, along with some of the regular 95g size bars at its plant in Wroclaw.

This comes despite a promise made following Kraft’s takeover seven years ago when it said that the chocolate would still be made at its Bournville plant in the West Midlands. A number of bars have been spotted with codes on their wrapping, showing that they were made in Poland rather than in the UK.

However, Mondelez says that manufacturing in Poland is just a temporary measure when it comes to the 95g bars because of pressures at the Bournville site. While the larger bar is still being made in Poland, Mondelez said that production of the smaller bar had now moved back to the UK. However, critics say that this could be a slippery slope for production at Dairy Milk’s historic production plant.


James Cadbury, a member of the family which founded the iconic brand said he was disappointed by the move to Poland. This latest controversy follows the shutting down of a plant close to Bristol, with the loss of 400 jobs, just weeks after Kraft took over Cadbury in a £11.5bn deal. Following that closure, Kraft executives found themselves up in front of concerned British MPs, which is when the president of Kraft Foods Europe, Trevor Bond, reassured them that the firm would keep on making Dairy Milk in Britain “for as long as our consumers are delighted by the taste and the product”.

News of the Polish production comes as Mondelez continues to make in roads into the important Indian market. The firm has just introduced Cadbury Dairy Milk Orea Silk to India.


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