Apple to Possibly Take Legal Action Against Executive Order of Trump

The executive order implemented by U.S. President Trump in which a travel ban was put into action for Muslims and citizens alike from seven Muslim majority countries has affected several employees for the Company of Apple.

Due to the effects on its employees, Apple is considering to take a stand and take legal actions against the matter.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple openly expressed his views and remarks against the travel ban that President Trump has set in motion.

Mr. Cook stated that the reason the United States is a unique and powerful country is strictly due to the immigrants that have entered the nation and due to the country welcoming backgrounds from all over and their talents.

Thanks to Immigrants

Mr. Cook added that Apple is deeply contemplating on taking legal action against this executive order, although he did not specify what exact methods they would implement.

Amazon Company is also currently active in this matter and have already taken legal challenges against President Trump’s travel ban.

Last week President Trump temporarily suspended any citizens coming from seven specific countries that have a Muslim majority to enter the country, as well as not shutting down the refugee program for a span of 120 days.

All in the Fight

The majority of the tech companies have all expressed their sentiment against Trump’s order, including companies such as Google, Airbnb, Netflix, Facebook, and several more.

Google has stated that at the moment around 187 of its employees have been greatly affected by this travel ban, and Reed Hasting, the CEO of Netflix called this order a completely “un-American” move.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg joined in and stated that like several other people, he himself is also concerned about the effects of what this executive order can bring about.

Last Tuesday several leaders from tech companies had met in order to discuss this matter and to propose what possible legal fights they can initiate in and for the possibility of a lawsuit to be filed.

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