Anil Uskanil, Turkish Passenger, Restrained In Chair On Flight After Attempting To Open Airfield Gate

Two US fighter aircrafts were called for to accompany a flight from Los Angeles to Hawaii on Friday following the flight’s passengers and attendants restrained an uncontrollable man by using a drink wagon to block him from the front of the plane.

Officials identified the man as 25-year Turkish man named Anil Uskanil who was duct-taped to his seat until the plane arrived in Honolulu. Federal agents then entered the plane and arrested him,

“The flight attendants just were really heroic,” Lee Lorenzen, one of the passengers, said. “By the time we landed and the FBI took him into custody, he was very mellow.”

There were 181 passengers on that American Airlines Flight 31 along with six members of the crew.

What happened?

Eight hours before the flight takes off, Uskanil tried to open a gate that led to an airfield ramp. He was drinking but he didn’t reach the public drunkenness level. He was arrested for intruding and trespassing.

Mark and Donna Basden were the first to board the plane where they found a laptop in the pocket of Mark Basden’s seat. The couple presumed it was from the earlier flight.

One of the flight crew commented that the laptop sure belongs to a man in the bathroom.

What did the man do?

Later, a disheveled looking fellow” came out from the bathroom. Mark Basden then handed him the laptop explaining that it was in his seat. However, he said the man frowned at him, grabbed the laptop, opened it and closed it again and then attempted to sit in another seat in the first class.

Donna Basden remaked that the man “clearly looked out of place.”

The flight assistant headed to him and asked for his boarding pass. After looking at it, she told him he was supposed to be in row 35 and then moved him to the right place.

Passenger Grant Arakelian mentioned: “He was very quiet, moving very sluggish. He was trying to approach the cabin, like where the captain is.”

Afterwards, the flight attendant blocked his way with a drinking cart dividing the first class from the rest of the airplane.

“She jammed the cart in that the doorway and she just said, ‘You’re not coming in here,’” Lee Lorenzen said.

However, passengers, with the help of other flights attendants, restrained the guy and duct-taped him until the end of the flight.

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