The shocking first images emerge from inside Turkish nightclub massacre

Horrifying images have emerged showing the inside of the New Year’s Eve massacre nightclub. The shocking photos show bodies and blood on the floor following a sickening terror attack which ISIS has now claimed responsibility for.

Police are now questioning eight people in connection with the assault, although it is thought that the main suspect could still be at large, and a huge manhunt is still under way. Victims who had gone to the upmarket club in Istanbul, Turkey, to see in the New Year, can be seen slumped next to their chairs, with unfinished drinks still standing on the tables next to them.

The gunman used a machine gun to fire off more than 100 bullets randomly around the club, as petrified clubbers trampled over each other to get out, or jumped into the Bosphorus river to escape. Authorities in Turkey have now announced they have made arrests, following a claim by ISIS that one of its so-called “soldiers” had carried out the attack using both a machine gun and hand grenades to cause the most carnage.


Details of who the 39 victims were have now started to emerge. The included the chief of security at the Reina nightclub, the daughter of a well known businessman from Lebanon, and a bus driver who had taken a group of clubbers to the event. An Arab-Israeli student, Lebanese banker and a female security guard were also among the dead.

Fresh details have also emerged about the gunman, who is understood to have arrived in a taxi. When traffic became snarled up close to the club, he got out and walked for the final four minutes before unleashing carnage. Authorities also said that they had now found the jacket which the attacker had left behind as he ran from the club. According to local reports, there was 500 Turkish lira in the pocket.



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