Security tightened at Christmas church services across the globe

Security has been tightened at church services across the globe amid fears that terrorists could strike on one of the most Holy times of the year. There was extra police presence at major cities all over the world to prevent a terror attack, following the Berlin Christmas market massacre, in which a truck was turned into a weapon, killing 12 and injuring many more.

Armed officers could be seen standing outside Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris as people arrived to worship at Christmas Eve mass. People arriving were searched by officers, who patted them down before they were allowed to enter the church.

Meanwhile police could also be seen standing guard in other parts of France, as well as in Britain and Germany in a bid to make sure civilians are free to enjoy Christmas without fear of further attacks. The UK is currently on its second highest security alert. The beefed up security presence follows the killing of Tunisian asylum seeker Anis Amri, 24, who is the main suspect in connection with the truck attack in Germany.


Amri was shot by a rookie cop in Milan, Italy, after arriving there by train. When he was asked to provide some ID by two officers, he pulled his gun out of his backback, and was killed in the ensuing gun fight. In France, more than 91,000 policemen and soldiers are set to be deployed over the Christmas period, with extra patrols and searches taking place at churches.

Armed guards have also been patrolling in Bartalla, near Mosul, Iraq, to ensure the safety of Christians attending church on Christmas Eve. The officers were armed as they offered security to worshippers. At the Church of Nativity in Palestine, security personnel could be seen in front of the place of worship, which is regarded by Christians as the birthplace of Jesus Christ.


Judith is a qualified journalist who has worked in both the UK and the US, specialising in writing about politics, education and health.