Santa tour worker stabbed to death in Lapland

A British woman who had been a member of staff at Santa Safari tours in Lapland has been killed. The victim has not been named yet, but is understood to be a 26-year-old who is from Scotland.

Her body was discovered in Kuttanen over the weekend. Currently, a man hunt is underway say Lapland Police after her boyfriend, a 36-year-old Czech national fled the village on a dog sled. Officers have been sent out on snow scooters and a search helicopter was also involved in the search for the man.

The man was discovered just a few hours later and needed hospital treatment because of exposure to temperatures as low as -30C. He has now been arrested by police on suspicion of the woman’s killing. The pair had been working in the area during the winter tourist season.

The victim had been a worker at Santa Safari, which works hand in hand with Transum Travel from Oxford to organise Christmas tours in Lapland. A spokesperson for the firm said staff were “deeply saddened” to hear the news of the death. They added: “We are all in shock from this tragic news and our thoughts go out to her family. Our team is working closely with the Finnish Police and relevant authorities to support the investigation that is now under way. It goes without saying that we will do everything we can to support the family and our staff at this incredibly difficult time.” It is not clear whether the man also worked for a tour group.

Police Scotland confirmed they had been contented about the death and have promised to help Police in Lapland if they need assistance. It is expected that tours will be disrupted as the police investigation continues. Transum also sent thoughts to loved ones of the female victim and promised to support them.



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