Police launch investigation as photos of Formula One star Michael Schumacher lying in bed are touted for £1 million

Police have launched an investigation after a photo of paralysed Formula One star Michael Schumacher in his hospital bed was touted around European media for £1 million.

Officers are now trying to find out who took the image of Mr Schumacher in his bed at home in Switzerland. So far, there have been no photos made public of Mr Schumacher since he suffered a skiing accident three years ago. The 47 year old suffered serious head injuries and, after being cared for in hospital, he was allowed to return home where he is looked after by a team of medical staff.

Hie manager Sabine Kehm said that not comment would be made on the private issue of Mr Schumacher’s health. However, a number of media outlets across Europe have been offered the photographs in return for large sums of money. It is not clear, however, who is trying to sell the images and who took them.

Privacy violation

German prosecutors are now looking into the violation of his privacy. It is not the first time that someone has tried to profit from Mr Schumacher’s condition. Within hours of being taken to hospital after his accident, a journalist dressed as a priest tried to get into his room in France.

The Formula One champion was on a family holiday with his family in Meribel when he fell and hit his head on a rock, cracking his helmet. While surgeons operated to removed blood clots from his brain, they could not get to them all because they were too deeply embedded and any more surgery would have caused further damage. Mr Schumacher was placed in an induced coma to save him, and his condition is understood to be stable. However, as a very private individual, Mr Schumacher’s family and representatives say that he would not want details of his medical issues being made public.







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