Pictured: the lorry driver who fought to stop terrorist hijacking his truck for Christmas market attack

A Polish lorry driver fought for his life as a terrorist hijacked his truck to use in the Berlin Christmas market attack. Lukasz Urban, 37, a father of one, is understood to have been the first to die in a terror attack in which is 25 tonne truck was used as a weapon, killing 12 people and maiming 48.

Polish haulage firm owner Ariel Zurawski, said the driver, who was his cousin, was hijacked and killed by the man suspected of deliberately mowing down shoppers at a busy Christmas market in Germany.

Married Mr Urban is seen smiling in the cab of a lorry before he became caught up in the horror. Mr Zurawski said the company became fearful that something was wrong when the truck’s GPS tracking system revealed it was being driven like a learner. The married father’s body was found in the cab of the truck following the horrific incident.


It is understood he had last spoken to someone at 3pm when he briefly chatted to his wife, who told him she would call him back an hour later when she finished work. However, when she did try, she could not get in touch with him. The driver was used in the attacks at around 7pm.

Mr Zurawski said while he had not been officially told, he recognised his cousin. He said from the injuries he saw on the driver’s face, he was sure he would have fought for his life and to stop his truck being taken over. Berlin’s interior minister Karl-Heinz Schröter confirmed the death. The truck was hijacked at a construction site before being used in the terror attack, which was similar to that in Nice this summer. It is thought that it was stolen somewhere between 3pm and 4pm as the GPS reveals there were two failed attempts to start it during that hour.


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