New DNA testing Planned for JonBenet Ramsey Cold Murder Case

A new round of DNA testing is underway in order to solve the 20-year-old murder case of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey, according to Colorado investigators and the District Attorney’s office.

New Evidence

There has been new evidence to suggest that there were flaws while testing DNA evidence of the 20-year-old murder case of JonBenet Ramsey, according to Boulder Daily Camera and 9News. This new evidence challenges previous District Attoeny Mary Lacy’s exoneration of JonBenet’s parents: John and Patsy Ramsey. Therefore, a new round of DNA testing has been ensued.

The FBI’s Combined DNA Index System will carry out the new tests, which is a database of more than 15.1 million profiles of criminals.

JonBenet’s body was found “battered and strangled” in her family’s basement on December 26th, 1996. At the time, investigators theorized that either someone had broken in or someone in her family had murdered her.

District Mary Lacy had said in 2008: “The match of male DNA on two separate items of clothing worn by the victim at the time of the murder makes it clear to us that an unknown male handled these items.” This therefore exonerated JonBenet’s father and brother, Burke.

Lacy had also supported the intruder theory by commenting on an indentation on the carpet in JonBenet’s bedroom: “It was a butt print. We all saw it. The entire area was undisturbed except for that place in the rug. Whoever did this sat outside of her room and waited until everyone was asleep to kill her.”


Investigators now found that two of the three samples that had indicated the male DNA, also included DNA from two other people.

Investigative reporter, Kevin Vaughan, also says: “They weren’t certain at all that this male DNA sample that was part of this mixture was even a profile of an individual person. It likely could have been a mixture of multiple people’s DNA. They asserted basically that based on the actual testing, there was no way to know for sure that this DNA got there during the killing, belonged to the killer, or anything like that.”

He also added about Lacy’s knowledge of this: “She wrote this letter making all of these definitive declarations, that this DNA matches. The reality was that she had been told by her own lab that it’s a lot more complicated than that.”

The current District Attorney said: “What I am confident about is that the Ramsey case is more than a DNA case, and to ever have a prosecutable case, we have to have several different pieces of evidence come together. DNA would be a part of that and additional testing might give us new information that could be helpful to the investigation however I don’t expect that DNA results alone will definitely solve or prove the case.

Lacy did not comment on the resurrection of this case, however she told ABC news: “If the evidence had been there to prosecute them, I’d have gone for it.”


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