Let's just get on with it, says Theresa May on Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May has admitted she is not getting much sleep as she tries to push Brexit ahead.

The Prime Minister said while leaving Europe was “hugely challenging,” it was important that Britain was able to “get on with the deal.”

Mrs May made her comments following reports that Mark Carney, the Bank of England’s governor wants businesses in the UK to keep access to the single market for two years after any divorce from Europe. He feels those arrangements would be vital to make sure firms did not face a cliff edge scenario.

The Prime Minister said she was dealing with “really complex issues,” which meant that “in this job, you don’t get much sleep.”

Asked what was keeping her awake at night, Mrs May said: “Well, it is a moment of change. It is a hugely challenging time. And we need to get on with the deal in terms of Brexit. And I’m very conscious of that.

“I want to make sure that everything we do ensures Britain is a country that works for everyone. And that we really get out there and forge a new role in the world post-Brexit. We can make a success of it, we will make a success of it. But these are really complex issues.”

On how she prepares herself for taking difficult decisions when so much is at stake, she said that it wasn’t about bracing yourself but about: “Are you doing the right thing?’ If you know you are doing the right thing, you have the confidence, the energy to go and deliver that right message.”

Mr Carney is understood to have discussed the possibility of negotiating for an extended transition period during dinners with leading figures in the City. He has hosted two dinners recently, each for around 50 investment and high street bankers.


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