Farage Criticises Barrow’s EU Diplomatic Appointment

Nigel Farage, ex – UKIP leader and Leave Campaigner, has criticised the appointment of Sir Tim Barrow as replacement for Sir Ivan Rogers as EU ambassador.  Following in the footsteps of Trump and using Twitter, he tweeted, “Good to see that the government have replaced a knighted career diplomat with… a knighted career diplomat”.

His view was not shared by others.  One journalist accused Farage of being a career politician, while Philip Hunt, Labour’s deputy leader in the House of Lords commented, “It is indeed good to see an expert appointed.”

Barrow replaces Sir Ivan Rogers as EU ambassador.  Rogers shock resignation came as insiders say he was going to be asked to step down.  In his resignation message to his staff he highlighted the government’s “muddled thinking” over Brexit, and that civil servants should not be afraid to challenge “ill founded arguments”.

Recently he warned that a post Brexit trade deal could take years to finalise and even then not be ratified by all EU member states.

Yesterday, he said he felt he had done all he could to contribute his expertise, experience, and contacts to the team who will be triggering Article 50, the formal process of leaving the EU.

On LBC Radio Farage went on to say, “I think we should get rid of many of our ambassadors around the world.”

After being confirmed for the position, Sir Tim Barrow said, “I look forward to joining the strong leadership team at the Department for Exiting the EU and working with them and the talented staff at UKRep [UK Representation to the EU] to ensure we get the right outcome for the United Kingdom as we leave the EU.”

His appointment was welcomed by Brexit Secretary David Davis.  He said, “UKRep will have a crucial role to play in the negotiation over the UK’s exit from the EU, and Sir Tim Barrow will add to the already extensive experience it brings.

“His knowledge of Brussels means he will be able to hit the ground running at a vital time, and steer UKRep throughout the negotiation period.

“I am confident that with his help, the UK will be able to forge a new relationship with the EU that works to the mutual benefit of both sides.“