Could infamous Peter Falconio outback murder case be reopened?

The murder of backpacker Peter Falconio is one of the most infamous to have taken place in Australia. When Mr Falconio was shot and killed while he and his girlfriend Joanne Lees were travelling along the Stuart Highway in the camper van, his death made headlines worldwide. His body has never been found and rumours and speculation continue to surround the case.

Mr Falconio disappeared and has never been found after the incident while has and Ms Lees were travelling back in 20o1. Loner Bradley John Murdoch was eventually jailed for 28 years after being found guilty of murdering the traveller.

But now a key witness in the murder trail has come forward to say he actually believes Mr Murdoch to be innocent. Aileron Roadhouse manager Greg Dick has come foward again to say that he thinks another man whom he saw talking with Ms Lees is the one who killed Mr Falconio. He said: “I saw her speak to somebody outside my place. I didn’t take any notice of them until well and truly after it.

Disposed of the body

Mr Dick claims that he saw Ms Lees leap up and start to talk to the man at the roadhouse on the Stuart Highway, which is around 100km north of Alice Springs, on the same day that Mr Falconio was killed. He described the man as a person who looked like he could live in the bush, adding: “He was going to a good place where he could have disposed of the body. I’ve got a lot on my mind of it, but there you go.”

He said he can remember the man complaining about the price of a bottle of Coke and that he bought a meat pie and gave it to his dog. Mr Dick said he was certain that the man Ms Lees spoke to was not Murdoch, adding: “I still reckon they’ve jailed the wrong man.”



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