Are men with tattoos more likely to cheat?

According to new research, women fear dating men with tattoos because they think they are more likely to cheat. The study questionned 2,500 heterosexual men and women, asking them to give their opinions on men, who were pictured without their shirts on.

Some of the photographs were altered to include a small tattoo on their arms. And, while men who were surveyed found those with body art more attractive than those without, women actually found the opposite. According to the Polish study, which has been published in the respected journal Personality and Individual Differences found, even though men with tattoos were thought to be healthier, they were also described as being more masculine and aggressive.

Being more masculine is linked to having higher levels of testosterone, and men who have a surge in the hormone have previously been found to be more likely to have an affair. The research team, from Poland, said that features which were related to having more testosterone explained why women said that men with body art would be worse boyfriends and parents.


The latest piece of research follows an earlier study, carried out by the University of New Mexico, which found that men who were in committed relationships had lower testosterone levels, while men who cheated had higher levels of the hormone.

It is thought that men who have more of the hormone feel more confident and are therefore more likely to make approaches to the opposite sex, potentially leading to an affair. Another piece of research showed that men with higher testosterone levels are more attracted to women who have faces considered as typically feminine; those with smaller jaws, bigger eyes and higher eyebrows. This is thought to be because a woman with feminine features is seen to have good genes, something our male ancestors would have been paying attention to.

Judith is a qualified journalist who has worked in both the UK and the US, specialising in writing about politics, education and health.