5 People Killed In The South Due To Severe Storms

Five people were killed during ruthless storms that swept through the South.

Victims of the severe weather:

Among them, Jacqueline Williams, 52, whose car slid off a road into a creek before dawn Monday. According to authorities, she dialed 911 from the car as it went down.

Rankin County Coroner David Ruth said “She was trying to tell the dispatcher where she was, and she could actually hear the sirens.” They weren’t able to get to her in time, and a swift-water recovery team later found Williams’ body in the creek outside the car.

On Sunday, the wife of the Mayor of the tiny Mississippi Delta town of Glendora died when strong winds toppled a tree onto the couple’s house. According to the town clerk, the Mayor was briefly hospitalized with injuries after the incident.

In Louisiana, two other people died earlier. While in South Carolina, a man died Monday after storms swept through the state.

Statewide emergency declaration:

On Monday, some schools in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama canceled or delayed the start of classes, so students wouldn’t travel in heavy rain or on flooded streets.

Before embarking on a trip to survey storm damage in several parishes, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards signed a statewide emergency declaration on Monday.

According to C.S. Ross, a National Weather Service hydrologist in Shreveport, some of the heaviest rains fell in central Louisiana from Sunday into early Monday with almost 8 inches of rain reported in Grant Parish in the north central part of the state.

In Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, a tornado flipped a mobile home on Sunday which killed a mother and her 3-year-old daughter. While another mobile home was also flipped by a tornado in in Union County, South Carolina, killing one person.

The storm brought severe weather into Louisiana such as hurricane-force winds, large hail and sparked flash flooding. In some areas, up to 6 inches of rain fell.

The tornado in Breaux Bridge touched down seconds after a warning was issued, according to St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Maj. Ginny Higgins.

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