TCL is allegedly resurrecting Palm with modern devices in 2018

TCL, a Chinese electronic firm proudly said it would launch devices under BlackBerry to resuscitate the brand, and its just-released KEYone device proved this. However, Android Planet disclosed the company is looking to have a new tech name, Palm, and will manufacture new devices under this name next year.

TCL will launch unnumbered devices

The name, Palm was purchased in 2014, barely four years after the acquisition of the brand by HP, and shuttered its offerings a year after they poor performance. That appeared to be a sad end for Palm, which had caused the 90s and 2000s consumer device market with its early smartphones and PDAs, like Pre and Pilot respectively. It seems TCL is set to launch unnumbered devices next year under its new name Palm.

An interview with Stefan Streit, Android Planet’s marketing manager, he hinted that smartphones could be possible in the number of devices that would be produced next year, Streit also hinted Palm’s possible position in TCL’s portfolio. He added that the new Palm would be directed to suit users who know the old ones that led the gadget before recent ones. However, it’s unclear how the marketing will be.

Possibly, the Palm devices will run Android, like the TCL’s KEYone BB phone. The Operating System (OS) Palm initially developed for its products, WebOS, was among the acquisition by HP and the marketed it to LG, which has been using it for its Smart TVs and tablets.