SoloLearn – a code teaching app emerges winner of the FbStart Apps of the Year

SoloLearn (iOS/Android) becomes the Grand Prize winner of the just concluded FbStart Apps of the Year. The competitive event organized by Facebook yearly to applaud the most successful apps from the world FbStart program features several tech giants and developers. SoloLearn emerged as the winner in the most recent edition of the event.

The birth and usefulness of SoloLearn app

The Co-founder of Davit Kocharyan and CEO of SoloLearn brought up the idea for the app following his general movement with his team in Armenia where they teach the local masses how to code.
The app is meant to teach members via peer sharing, game mechanics, and user-generated contents. The SoloLearn community offers its members the opportunity to compete and gain access to non-publicised lessons. SoloLearn offers 12 free courses that cover, C++, HTML/CSS, Python, Swift, and JavaScript.

Yeva Hyusyan, a Co-founder of SoloLearn said the app had gone to the limelight. Firstly, it’s a community of fast learners – with the Q&A section; you get instant answers from your co-users in a short while. Then again, there are more than 500,000 free codes on SoloLearn that serves the vast purpose for the peer-to-peer learning tool. Several thousand challenges come to an end every day, yielding positive results and impacts on its users.

Secondly, users are creating many contents themselves. With over 1.5 million quizzes completed every day and 5 million+ learners, three codes are generated every second and more than a thousand answers published daily. While most of its users are based in India, others are in the U.S. and Europe.

Other Apps of the Year

Developers got involved in the FbStart in a bid to win $100,000 and shoot up their business. The event recorded 900 submissions from 87 distinct nations. Other Apps of the year that made it through to the top lists were:

  • EMEA: Mondly [Android/iOS] – the first language company to model a VR means for learning languages, it has the unique feature of chatbox technology and speech recognition.
  • Asia-Pacific: Maya [Android/iOS] – This is a free app that allows women monitor their periods, track a pregnancy, monitor related symptoms and link up with health professionals. It had about 7 million downloads in about 190 nations.
  • Social Good: Golden [Android/iOS] – An app that lets people seek opportunities to volunteer based on what they find fun in doing, and not based on skills.
  • Latin America: ReservaTurno [Android/iOS] – An app that makes it easier for you to book appointments related to beauty even while on the move.