Nintendo Switch Console to be Released on 3rd March in Britain

Nintendo, will release its new Switch Console on the 3rd March in Britain for £280.  The Japanese company’s aim is to make up lost ground.

Switch offers players the chance to play on the move as well as on their TVs.  The device is a hybrid between the two.  More details were released yesterday with an event scheduled for Friday.  Nintendo have developed a gaming network for the new console.

However, due to the high pricing shares in Nintendo have fallen by 5%.  At £280 it is the most expensive console launch in history.  Prior to this the highest priced console was the Nintendo 64 that cost £250 in 1997.

Nintendo revealed new titles for the new console drawing on successes from the past.  These include a new Mario title, Super Mario Odyssey, and new Legend of Zelda title The Breath of the Wild.  More titles are planned including Splatoon 2 and a ported version of Mario Kart 8.

Nintendo have developed innovative controllers which could change the way games are played.  Joy-Con controllers allow players to look at each other rather than the screen where reaction time is necessary.  These can include games such as Wild-West style duels and ARMs, a boxing game.

Already big releases are planned for the Switch.  FIFA, NBA 2K17, Skyrim, and Fire Emblem Warriors are planned.  It is believed that Nintendo are trying to recreate the appeal and ease of use that made the Wii console a success in 2006.

The joy-con controllers use a cartridge rather than a disc and one or both can be used depending on the game being played.  It comes with a 6.2-inch touch screen for playing on the go, and a dock allows players to connect to a TV.

The right hand controller has an infrared camera which detects how far away a hand is, and it can detect shapes, such as rocks, paper, and scissors.

Pre-orders for the Switch are already being taken.