June security patch rolled on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S7 Edge now get a new security update for June, at least in China. As is the case with these security updates usually, not getting any new features but this update brings some security enhancements, and also expects to improve the performance and stability of both the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge improve are also included here some bug fixes.

After installing an upgrade of Galaxy S7 terminal which will bring software that builds a version for the G930W8VLS2BQF1 and in the case of the G935W8VLS2BQF1 Edge Galaxy S7. However, you will receive a notification on your phone when the update is available, if you want to check it manually, you need to access the device settings, and then go to “About device” and click “Update software”. If this update is available for your phone, make sure the battery is charged to install it, it is better to have more than 50 percent of the battery, but it is required to have more than 60 percent of your phone’s update is not all that discharging the Battery, but better that you have enough about it, it will have a problem if the unit dies in the middle of the update. It can also be a good idea so it can be connected to Wi-Fi, just to avoid unnecessary data transfer costs.

The Galaxy and the Galaxy S7 Edge smart phones are Samsung’s leading for the past year

Though it’s still very strong deals, especially when you consider that you can buy for less money now. These two phones are made of metal and glass and are very similar, although the Galaxy S7 Edge comes with a rounded screen and is slightly larger than their brothers and sisters as if it comes with a 5.5-inch screen, and normally the Galaxy S7 carries a panel of 5.1 inches. Both devices have 4GB of RAM and 32GB / 64GB of expandable equipment, both with a fingerprint imprinting screen and a white slider Android from the box, but are upgraded to Android nougat.