Amazon hints Google has removed YouTube from Echo Show device

In an unusual open feud between big tech firms, Incorporated stated on Tuesday its Echo Show devices was no more available to play YouTube videos because of Google, its parent site ceased supporting the service.

The feud is the most recent in Silicon Valley causing tension among clients. Google and Amazon square off in several ramifications from selling voice-controlled devices such as the Echo Show, to online research and cloud computing.

Amazon said Google has resolved to quit making YouTube accessible on Echo Show without any explanation or notifying customers. Amazon added there’s no technical reason behind Google’s action, causing disappointments to their clients.

Google takes on the issues

Google proposes that the matter isn’t a surprising one, pointing out that they’ve been negotiating with Amazon for a long while now, to ensure better customer experience. Google added that Amazon’s use of YouTube on the Echo Show goes against their terms of service, causing a tampered user experience. However, they hope to reach an agreement soon and resolve the matters.

The Echo Show had shown YouTube videos void of integral features, from channel subscription to video recommendations. Google has been in a likely problem with Microsoft Corp sometime ago.
Amazon kicked off the sales of the Echo Show in June – a device that comes operates with voice command, and features the touchscreen. The number of customers affected is not clear.

According to eMarketer, a research company, Amazon’s Echo devices like the Echo Dot and Echo have outsold the Google Home that features voice control. Amazon hopes to make it common for individuals to control computers using their voices, and also place orders by voice.

Jan Dawson, an analyst with Jackdaw Research said the incident is a kind of hit to Amazon, adding that YouTube stands as one of the largest video services they had coupled with theirs. Having such service disabled entails that a significant portion of the videos you would have watched on the Echo device is no more.

Amazon had quitted the sales of Apple Incorporated’s TV players in 2015 following their failure to support its Prime Video service. However, the two finally agreed on a deal earlier this year. Obviously, end users will be at the receiving end as these firms fail to get along.