3D Laser-based sensor being worked on by Apple for the 2019 iPhone release

Apple’s much-revered release for this year, the iPhone 2017 has only been brought to the reach of its increasing customer base, and most people are still getting the hang of its many good features, the novelty of the animoji and other amazing features. However, the company is not relenting in its trail of unique works as it is rumored that the 2019 version of Apple’s iPhone is already emerging.

Bloomberg today has released a report that indicates that Apple might be developing a 3D sensor, freshly made to sit at the rear of the 2019-bound phone. It is said that this release is aimed at improving the augmented reality applications and services offered by the company.

Lasers to be installed into the iPhone

The system is alleged to be in the works would be operated by firing out lasers out from the device and gauging how long it takes for the reflection to return to its already placed map of depth. A piece of information like this may be gotten from the use of the dual cameras, as Apple already manages, and by the FaceID that is based on the infrared technology that graces the top of the iPhone X front.

Google also does same by the use of its dual pixels in it recently released Pixel Camera 2, which comes up with just enough effect of parallax to achieve the goal. Nonetheless, it is said that the system being developed by Apple is going to be a lot more precise and sophisticated in this regard.

Bloomberg also reports that Apple is at present courting suppliers for the desired 3D sensing operator it envisions, but is not yet fully sure that the 2019 phone it will be releasing will feature it.