Zlatan Ibrahimovic Wants To Stay In EPL – Mino Raiola

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has indicated his interest to stay in the English Premier League beyond this season but might be playing for another club asides from Manchester United.

The revelation was made by his agent Mino Raiola who stated that the big Swedish striker will not be leaving England anytime soon.

Zlatan is currently nursing a knee injury that he picked up in the Europa League quarter-final game against Anderlecht and is a contract is set to expire by the end of June. And while Jose Mourinho has made it clear that he wants Zlatan to stay at the club, the condition surrounding his injury has complicated the whole situation between the player and the club.

However, his agent, Raiola, has made it clear that Zlatan wants to remain in England even though he has gotten different offers from different clubs in other European countries.

“There is a huge chance that he will stay and also a chance that he will leave,” he said in a chat with Talksport. “We have had numerous offers and we will take our time before making a decision on his future”.

Manchester United or Somewhere else

“He had a great time at Manchester United and now it’s to the club and us to make a decision on his future. We have set a date for that but now we are focused on his recovering”
“He will like to remain in England and continue to play at the highest level and if he knows that he has a great part to play for Manchester United, he will stay right there”.

“But he also knows that he can be valuable to other clubs too. But I know it is respectful that we speak to United first and take it up from there”.

Zlatan scored a total of 28 goals in all competition for Manchester United in his first season at the club.