NFL Fans Threaten Boycott

Some fans of the franchise threatened to return season tickets if protests by players during the national anthem continues. Most war veterans and senior citizens are appalled by the players and clubs disregard of the thousands of lives that were laid down to defend the stars and stripes of the American flag.

Some public affairs managers of teams have said that if fans want to return their shares and tickets, they are welcome to do so, but the position of the team amidst presidential interference remains solid and they are going to stick with their players.

Previously, Scores of fans took to social media to display videos of them setting alight exclusive NFL merchandise, others refused to burn their merchandise, saying their merchandise are expensive and not expendable, only a boycott of games was the more feasible route.

Trouble started when Donald Trump at a rally in Alabama on Friday urged club owners to fire “SOBs who disrespect the American flags” from their team, this enraged players and in solidarity, they joined other players who have been protesting during games whenever the national anthem was playing.

The Colin Kaepernick Movement

The protest started when a single player “Colin Kaepernick” decided to take a knee when everyone was on their feet, to sing the National anthem to protest police brutality, Racism, fatal shootings of black citizens and the divisions plaguing the American society at large. The media was instrumental to the rhetoric as accelerated reportage of the player’s protest garnered much empathy from his colleagues, but the icing on the cake appeared when US president Donald Trump made his outlandish comments on Friday.

For the good of American football, the President should withdraw his statement and avoid interfering with sports negatively in the larger picture; players should also find a separate means of protesting when the National Anthem is blaring off dedicated speakers at sporting arenas and venues.