McVay wants Rams focused as playoffs become a possibility

The Los Angeles Rams recent games welcome fantasies that their Sunday match at Minnesota may not be their only trip to the Super Bowl site this season.

Coach Sean McVay has no plans to return to U.S Stadium so soon.
“It’s great news for us, but if we fail to earn our eighth victory, then nothing else truly matters,” Coach McVay said in a statement on Monday.

The Rams’ fate

The Rams’ next two games will be against the leaders of NFC division, and 4 of their subsequent five will be against teams that have recorded great wins this 8season. How the Rams will handle these games will decide their fate on the NFC West title, or miss another playoff for the 13th consecutive time.

Coach McVay said he does not want the Rams to worry about the tough road ahead but to focus on their next rival. The coach has accentuated a “procedure over results-driven” strategy since he joined the team and led the them to a 7-2 win record.

“You simply speak things into existence, and you also discuss them frequently that you’ll almost put blinders on due to the competitive and tough nature of the league,” Coach McVay stated. “That doesn’t mean you do not know and take note of the teams in the league, but all that really matters at the moment is our focus on Minnesota and how we can get away with an 8-2 win.”

The Rams remained strong after a lazy start in the game against Houston Texans on Sunday which ended 33-7. The offense got 24 points and amassed 309 yards during the second half. Coach McVay blamed his play-calling for preventing them from getting into a good mood early.

Rodger Saffold, left guard for the Rams, sprained an angle during the game against the Texans, but the injury wasn’t severe. Coach McVay is only concerned about their next opponent while turning a blind eye to everything else.