Lebron James Slams Donald Trump

NBA player LeBron James has expressed his support for football players who over the weekend protested against President Donald Trump, and slammed the president for trying to use sports to divide the nation.

President Trump on Friday said that players in the NFL who refused to stand when the national anthem is rendered should be fired or suspended.

The statement lees to widespread protest in the league as a lot more rooms to kneeled, linked their arms, while some stayed in their locker room.

LeBron praised the players for their unity saying people run this country.

He added: “I won’t allow one man regardless of the power that he has, destroys and divide us using sports.”

Sport Is Universal

“Sport is amazing, and it has an impact on everyone. Regardless of weight, size, religion, ethnicity or whatever- we all unite because of sports. It binds us together like no other sports.

Lebron Janes is one of the top players in the NBA and arguably the biggest star in Cleveland Cavaliers. He had NBA Championship rings and was active in his campaign for Hilary Clinton during the last United States election.

He has also been vocal in support of various movements on police brutality and racial discrimination.