Kyrie Irving Rescues Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers could well be on their way to the third NA final in 3 years and they have Kyrie Irving to thank for this.

The Cleveland Cavalier forward scored a record breaking 42 points in their playoff game against the Bolton Celtic to earn his team a 112-99 victory over their rivals.

This victory gave the Cleveland Cavaliers a 3-1 NBA playoff win in the Eastern Conference and they had to recover from a 16-point deficit to make this happen.

41 points were Kyrie Irving’s all time high in the NBA playoff, which he achieved when they faced the Golden State Warriors and it was the highest point ever scored by a teammate of Lebron James in a postseason game.

Kyrie Irving came into his own in the third quarter after Lebron James was forced to go on the bench after getting involved in his fourth foul in just 7 minutes. He scored 36 points and added 21 points more during the third count from a total 9 out of 10 shooting that came after a series of fast drives into the defence of Celtic.

Road To The NBA Final

He scored a total of 12 points within 6 minutes and 46 seconds that made it easier for the Cavs to beat the Celtis without Lebron James. And the Cleveland Cavalier’s frontman couldn’t hide his excitement after the game. He said;

“I said to to myself, ‘we can’t tie this series, we just can’t do that ‘”. “We needed to face this challenge and I think we did just that because we knew we couldn’t let them win regardless of what happens. Now we have to keep our feet on the ground and hope for the best”.

A final between the CAVS and The Golden State Warriors will definitely excite fans of Basketball and it will most likely happen again this season.