Justin Gatlin Jeered By Fans At Award Ceremony

Justin Gatlin didn’t get a nice reaction from the crowd as he received his World championship gold medal for winning the 100m race in the London Stadium.

Justin Gatlin who has been banned twice for using a banned substance shocked the whole world as he won the 100m race ending Usain Bolt’s reign at the top in his final game on track.
While Usain Bolt was cheered as he received his bronze medal but Gatlin got the opposite reaction. But Bolt did applaud Gatlin as he received his medal.

The Media Is At Fault – Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson, a former world champion, stated that Gatlin was being jeered because of the way the media had presented him to the public.

He said; “ During the 2012 Olympics, the fans jeered Gatlin and the same thing happened in the World Championship in 2015.”
“We did not teach people about all the drugs frauds. I think we have introduced him as a villain. I think we need to do a better job of instructing all of what has been going on.”

We Couldn’t Stop Gatlin – Lord Coe

The president of the IAAF. Lord Coe, stated that Gatlin’s win is not the perfect end but there is not much that we can do because he has not broken any rule here.

“I am not too happy about it because an athlete who has been banned twice has just won one of our best medals.” He said.

Usain Bolt was the overwhelming favourite to win the 100m race as he planned to retire after this tournament but things didn’t quite work in his favour as he finished in third place behind Christian Coleman in second place and Jason Gatlin in the first place.