I’m Not A Saint – Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has slammed critics in the media after guiding his team, Real Madrid, to the La Liga title for the first time in 5 years, stating that he has been painted as a “delinquent” even though he is far from that.

Ronaldo broke the deadlock in the game against Malaga as Madrid went on to beat Malaga 2-0 to clinch the title on the final day of the La Liga season after a late surge by arch rivals Barcelona. Ronaldo revealed to the media that he was being misunderstood by people who knew little about him.

“People that talk and write about me, don’t know nothing,” he said, “I barely have time for TV because that would make me not have a life outside of football, this is a result of the criticism that I receive on a daily basis from the media, both in the footballing world and outside the game if sports, they paint a picture of me like I’m a delinquent”.

He made this statement after he was accused by the Spanish press of suggesting that Celta Vigo had been bribed to halt their La Liga chances in their game on Wednesday.

He said;
“People that talk about me always get and propagate the wrong impression both on and off the pitch,” he added. “I don’t worry about my critics in football because when I show them the calculations, they won’t have a thing to say”.

“They always throw stones at me when I talk, like I’m the devil himself which is really strange because I have never claimed to be a saint”.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been faced with criticism ever since he moved to the La Liga but has been able to maintain his goal scoring record for the La Liga Champions and could lead the team to another Champions League glory.