DeGale vs Jack Super-fight Thriller

In a fight where both fighters were knocked down in what can only be described as a super-fight thriller, the fact that the championship is still inclusive is said by many to be unfair to both men.

The fight saw both get knocked down and both could have easily lost at certain times in the fight.  It is only their warrior hearts that kept both men in the fight.

James DeGale the current IBF champion and Badou Jack, the current WBC champion fought in the Barclays arena in Brooklyn, New York, last night.  The fight would have seen one winner holding all world championship belts in the super-middleweight division.

Degale had the upper hand knocking down Jack in opening stages.  Jack was resurgent though in the second, and put Degale on the ground in the last round.

Degale has been making a name for himself on the eastern sea-board, while Jack who lives in the U.S is also popular.

Degale’s fans, many travelling from his home country of England, were the more vocal than the Swedes.

Jack Gets Back in the Fight with Signature Body Shot Punctures

In the early rounds DeGale’s punching variations saw ‘Jack the Ripper’ on the canvas in the opening round.  By the start of the fourth round, however, Jack had stepped up a gear slowing DeGale with his signature body shots.

At the start of the fifth DeGale was dancing around the ring with Jack in predator role and the latter connected a few times giving Jack the advantage. The ref took a mean one from Jack as well!

Over the next rounds Jack was more in control, with DeGale having a particularly bad round in the eighth. Somehow, he managed to stay on his feet and battle to the end. His gum shield and a tooth had been lost.

DeGale Bounced Back

Over the next three rounds Degale did well to regain control of the fight over Jack’s near win in the eighth.  Jack reverted back to body shots, and Degale signature bob and weave probably saw the latter edge the closing rounds.

One judge scored it DeGale’s way at 114-112, the other two 113 a piece.