Chris Berman loses wife in auto crash

Kathie Bermann, Chris Bermann’s spouse who remains the long-time sports presenter for a major sports news outlet, was killed in an auto crash two days ago around the Waterberry country in CT.
Mrs. Bermann died after being involved when two cars collided in the aforementioned area. She was an instructor, having been married to her husband for over three decades. Kat was aged sixty-seven and was a mother to two kids.

Ed Bertullis, who was controlling the second car, didn’t survive the incident. Ed was aged eighty-seven, from Waterberry, CT.
“We remain beleaguered in the midst of the affection and commiseration showered on us by numerous persons we are on familiar terms with and those lot we are yet to acquaint ourselves with,” her household stated yesterday evening in a press release.
“She was good-hearted, so these affections should have overshadowed hers. It’s a panacea to our household.
“We have a duty to pray for the household of Ed Bertullis in our feelings as well as hopes too.”
Chris Bermann united with ESPN around 1976. The couple tied the knots around 1982.

He had to leave the position as presenter of the TV’s weekend football highlights following thirty-one years of work four months ago. Chris still works for the outlet after agreeing to an extension.
“The incident remains shocking, tragic as well as hard for comprehension,” Johnny Skimp, head of ESPN, declared in his speech. “He remains loved among every of the ESPN staff with for fine basis: Bermann is benevolent and in addition had made huge contributions throughout the decades. I’m aware of the extent he values his household so; we are left with no option in these times to shower him with affection and encouragements that are essential for these times. We will continually think and pray for her children and the whole household.”
A number of football clubs as well as athletes conveyed their commiserations through social networks.