Boston Celtics star, Kyrie Irving leads NBA in steals, lets his team players know ‘for motivational purpose’

Kyrie Irving has played his way through thick and thin to become NBA’s leader in steals. The star, when he first arrived in Boston was expected to be a weak point guard.

Of course, it’s still the early stage of the season – the Celtics played their eighth match on Wednesday against the Sacramento Kings. It’ also important note that defense is much more than just steals. Defense consists of getting over screens, perusing the play, making the right turn and challenging. Defense is tied to positioning and beating a rival to the spot.

Nonetheless, Irving has been doing a tad bit of everything, and simultaneously, he has been getting a great deal of steals – a total of 21 for the season, with four more on Wednesday in their win over the Kings.

Talks about players with the most steals

At the end of the game, Irving was interviewed about Terry Rozier, who told journalists Irving has been informing his defensive teammates about which players have the most steals. The star said it’s all in regards to motivation.

While it is evident that Smart and Rozier will unquestionably record a great deal of steals this season, and keep in mind that some rookies surely may take motivation from seeing their pioneer bucking down defensively, Irving has been by and large strong on that end. His turns have been great, and he’s battling to remain attached to his task off the ball. He frequently took care of ball-watching a year ago with many flaws. However, he has been making a lot of improvement in Celtics.

Irving was pretty straightforward with reporters when he was asked about the steals. “Some of the steals just come to me,” he said. Two of them came right to my hand. Merely trying to be in the right positions at the right time, and also being brilliant.

If Irving remains strong and continues to be in the correct spot, his defense will keep on being one of the more lovely surprises on the Celtics team.