Unpredictable Weather Is Alarming The Scientific Community Over Human Factor In Climate Change

The recent decades have seen abnormal and unprecedented weather developments that changed our understanding and perception of the scientific field for ever.

From extreme heat in unusual locations to icy weather in hot seasons, the experts and analysts have been analyzing the abrupt modifications taking place in the heart of Mother Nature and the cause and factors leading to these alternations.

Since a few decades, specifically since scientists have researched the after effects of the fossil fuel age and the industrialization of the societies, they have been warning of what they call “global warming”.

They describe the phenomenon to be man-made and insist governments start implementing strict measure to counter the aftermath of the human initiated nature crisis, warning that it will lead to environmental and ecological disasters.

Scientific worry

“The world is not quite at the point where every hot temperature record has a human fingerprint, but it’s getting close to that” a remark by the lead author and Stanford University climate scientist Noah Diffenbaugh in light of unprecedented temperature fluctuations across all corners of the globe.

The alarming element of these new studies, has found that the variations have held imprints of fuel traces that imply the disastrous human factor in the abnormalities taking place in our contemporary world.

Human factor

Natural disasters have been devastating huge masses and territories, as well as the agricultural rhythm of the world has been getting out of balance leaving the crops prone to genetic mutations and uncontrolled erosions. The new alarming threat facing the world concerning climate change, is that the leader of the world’s super power, Mr. Donald trump, is denying the human factor and has already reversed various domestic legislations that were meant to curb and limit the phenomenon.

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