Hariri talks with El-Sisi in a shortstop as he returns to Lebanon

The Prime minister of Lebanon that is outgoing held talks in Cairo on Tuesday with Abdel Fattah El Sisi, the president of Egypt in a brief stopover on his way back to Lebanon, on a route from Paris to Beirut.

Former Prime Minister Hariri Saad resigned from office on November 4th and triggered a crisis in Lebanon and their power-sharing government. In brief comments after the meeting he had on Tuesday, he expressed his gratitude to El Sisi for the support he had shown for him and declared that he would be present for the Independence Day celebrations on Wednesday.

In about minutes after Hariri arrived in Cairo, small of groups of those who supported him took to the streets in the central area of Beirut in noisy groups and convoys, cheering, honking and waving flags with the colors of the movement’s bloc. Hariri had since Saturday been in Paris when he had a meet with the Emmanuel Macron, the French president.

Hariri is welcomed by Egypt

He got to the international Airport of Cairo, and there he was received by the minister of Health of Egypt, the Lebanese ambassador to Cairo and the ambassador of Egypt to Beirut. He went to the palace of Heliopolis where he was greeted warmly by El Sisi. The meeting they had was attended by the Foreign minister of Egypt, Minister SamehShouky, KhaledFawzy the chief of intelligence and the chief of staff of El Sisi, Abbas Kamel. The meeting was accompanied by a dinner held in honor of Hariri.

The president of Lebanon, Michel Aoun also had a few talks with El Sisi by phone. The two men emphasized the criticality of preserving the stability of Lebanon as well as maintaining the national interest of the sovereign state. On Tuesday also, France made repetitions of its calls to Hezbollah for them to lay down their firepower and act as a group that seeks the best for Lebanon and respects the sovereignty she has.