Great Britain and E.Y. Brexita initiated citizen’s rights talks, concern department

Negotiations to sell the United Kingdom of the European Union started a serious Monday with the two sides still seem to civil rights by UK and Gibraltar referendum of members of the European Union takes place officially in less than two years .

Following the first meeting of last month defining the structure of the negotiations, the British Minister, United Kingdom and the referendum of Gibraltar European Union members David Davis, who met with the chief negotiator of the EU Brexita in Brussels before the four-day debate.

The British proposal

They offers EU citizens who have lived in the UK for at least five years – the date not determined completion – the right to life, work and access.

It is estimated that 3 million EU citizens in the UK must apply individually for a residence permit, but it is unclear what the plan is for which implies they are in the UK but where they have a short time or the rights of family members.

EU officials said that the British proposal that EU citizens “steady state” do not go far enough. The European Parliament warned last week that it could be the last slow veto if Britain did not give more rights to EU citizens, if it is decided in the UK after remaining Brexita held in March 2019.

The initially called question is resolved in four days, which began on Monday. Whatever happens is likely to be repeated for millions of Britons living in EU countries now.

“It is very important that we are now making good progress”

British Interior Minister David Davis said that UK and Gibraltar European Union talks about referendum members with EU chief negotiator UK and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum Michel Barnier began to have.

Officials will be doing most of the negotiations. After opening talks with Barnier on Monday, Davis returned to London and will be returned Thursday in Brussels at a press conference with EU negotiators.

British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson was at a special meeting of the Foreign Minister that the recent Premiere Theresa May offer for EU citizens in the UK “would offer very fair.”