Fears of Cannibalism within Brazilian Prison

The Alcacuz prison situated within the city of Natal in north eastern Brazil saw a riot that lasted for 10 days, resulting in the deaths of around 26 inmates.

The fights that broke out within the prison had been between rival drug gangs. Several inmates then boasted in a proud manner of cooking several rival members on a bonfire.

Human flesh was skewed over the fire, and several of the bodies were returned to loved ones, after they had been decapitated.

As of last Monday, forensic experts have been able to identify 22 of the 26 bodies that lay within the prison. They are currently still examining two other heads, along with an arm, a leg, and a forearm that were found.

A Fearful Image

There has been no recorded footage of cannibalistic behavior taking place, and the authorities have stated that they do not possess solid evidence or proof that it had even taken place.

The elite military police have been set to enter the prison and assist the prison guards for returning the inmates to their cells and reclaim order within the facility.

A Bloody Alliance

The inmates that had allegedly skewed prisoners in their so called barbecue have been said to be members of a drug gang based in the Amazon who refer to themselves as ‘Family of the North.’

Other gang members that were with them had been from ‘Red Command’ which come from Rio de Janeiro.

Meanwhile the inmate who was said to be skewed was a member of a gang called the ‘First Capital Command’ who are based within Sao Paulo.

The First Capital Command and the Red Command had been at peaceful terms with each other for several years until their shaky alliance finally came to a bloody end as several murders within prisons took place.

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