Coldplay Says Concert for Israelis & Palestinians Not Happening This Year

According to a recent report published by ‘Times of Israel,’ they had stated last November that the British band Coldplay will be performing two different concerts in an attempt to further promote more peace and hope between the Israelis and Palestinians.

However, a spokesman for Coldplay stated that this announcement has been misunderstood as the front man of the band Chris Martin only stated that he wishes for the band to simply perform a peace festival in Israel in the future in general, nothing less and nothing more.

These claims of the performance to occur towards the area just north of the Dead Sea were announced by Israel Channel 2, who then on the same day were forced to announce the real facts of the statement to clear up all the misunderstandings.

Several More Falsities

Amongst the undeclared facts of the matter that had been mentioned was the channel also stating that approximately 50,000 tickets for the concert will be sold to both the Israelis and Palestinians, along with another false statement that Coldplay will allegedly be heading to Israel two weeks prior to their concert in order to produce a new song that involves the assistance of an artist from both territories, which has also turned out to be inaccurate.

It’ll Happen Eventually

According to the report stated by the Israeli channel, they said that the concert will be held in a region of agricultural purposes, then added that any matters involving the safety and security of the band and the audience members are already taken care of.

All these misunderstandings could very well have sprouted up when Chris Martin had paid a visit to Israel a couple of months ago and then talked a bit about his future plans involving the Global Citizen Festival to take place, and then had mentioned a few places in mind that he would perform in Israel.

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