Ancient Sequoia Tunnel Tree Struck by Storm

A destructive and massive winter storm that occurred in California has struck down the renowned Sequoia tree that had been a living tunnel from more than a century and a half ago.

The Sequoia tunnel tree had been crossed from under by hikers making their way, along with horses and vehicles crossing from underneath it as well.

The tree was called the “Pioneer Cabin” and was situated in Calaveras Big Trees State Park.

Reports however stated that a colossal storm that seems to be the most powerful one that has occurred in almost the past 10 years within the region had struck Nevada and California, which resulted in several floods and mudslides.

Size Couldn’t Protect

However, unfortunately a volunteer from the state park stated last Sunday that the ancient sequoia tree didn’t withstand the storm and the Calaveras Big Tree Association posted on social media about the matter and said that the storm just overwhelmed the tree completely and the tree just couldn’t handle it.

It is still uncertain just as to how old the Pioneer Cabin is, although reports state that the trees that exist within the state’s park are said to be at least 1,000 years of age, adding that a sequoia’s life span may even reach up to 3,000 years old.

Storm Predators

The Pioneer Cabin served as just one of a few other rather mesmerizing trees within the region that had also been tunneled through.

Another well-known tree that had been struck down by a storm was the Wawona Tree that had stood tall in the Yosemite National Park and then was struck down by a powerful storm in the year of 1969. The Wawona tree was said to have been around 2,100 years old.

As for the rest of the sequoia tunneled through trees, the Forest Service states that they are all either dead or logs have entailed their sides.

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