Gail Purcell, 59, ‘Killed a Teacher When She Knocked Him Off His Bike’

A hairdresser is being charged with killing a cyclist after knocking him off of his bike in an evening traffic rush hour, heard a court today.

Gail Purcell, a 59-year-old hairdresser, had been driving home when she Michael Mason, 70, a school teacher that previously campaigned for bicycle safety, as they drove on on Regent Street in London.

Purcell stated that she hadn’t seen Mason, only realising she hit a person on a bicycle after pulling over.

One witness said he saw Mason ‘flying through the air’.

Injuries and Trauma

Mason was them rushed over to St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington right after the tragic accident, but ended up slipping in a coma.

His family switched off his life support three weeks following the accident when he succumbed to vegetative state.

Purcell hadn’t stopped immediately, and continued driving for about 30 metres ahead then pulling over and returning to where she hit Mason.

She mentioned that she didn’t the cyclist but ‘heard an impact’.

A witness stated that she said to them: ‘I’m the driver. It was me. Is he okay?’, before adding: ‘I just didn’t see him’.


Simon Spence QC, the prosecutor, said: ‘Mr Mason was cycling north on Regent Street towards Broadcasting House from Oxford Circus at approximately 6.23pm on 25 February 2014.

‘The lights on his bicycle were working and switched on. The red, rear light was the type that flashed.

‘He certainly impacted with the bonnet of the car and was in all likelihood run over by the offside front wheel of the car. He suffered a very severe injury to the brain.

‘In brief, the prosecution case is that for whatever reason, the defendant simply did not see a cyclist ahead of her on the traffic in circumstances where she should have done and drove into the back of him, knocking him from his cycle, driving over the top of him and causing him fatal head injuries.’

Purcell denies her charge of careless driving that caused the death.

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