White House avoids inquiries on why the president threatened to shut down government over funding of border wall

On Thursday, Sarah Sanders, the White House press secretary averted questions on why President Trump portends to stop the financing of the border wall he promised after he argued that Mexico will pay for it. In response to the question Jonathan Karl, ABC News Chief White House Correspondent, Sanders said that President Trump is bent on making sure the project is executed. She hinted the security measures and the wall at the border work.

Sanders went on to say that the country has seen that work over the past decade and the government is committed to ensuring that the people of America are protected, and they will continue to press hard and ensure the wall is built.

Trump’s government shutdown threat

Trump vowed at a campaign rally that held in Phoenix on Tuesday, to make good on the wall which was one of his campaign pledges, he even threatened to shut down the government. At the event, Trump said the government is building a southern border wall which is essential. He pointed out that the obstructionist Democrats would not sit well with the idea, but even if it entails shutting down the government to achieve this, he added that the wall must be built.

When ABC News Senior White House Correspondent, Cecilia Vega asked Sanders how such claim doesn’t mean a concession that the taxpayers in America will pay for building the wall, she said balked.
Sanders said this is one thing President Trump is committed. The president is bent on protecting the lives of the Americans, and building the border is one step towards achieving this. As such, it tops off the list and the government is going for it.

When Vega asked her if the president is saying that Mexico will pay for the wall, Sanders responded that the President hasn’t said Mexico is not going to pay for it.